Kandji Release Stages

By Salur Onural

Learn about the various release stages in Kandji

Kandji frequently releases new product features in stages. These stages differ in availability and support. Not every feature we release goes through all three stages outlined below.

Early Access (EA)

Kandji will, from time to time, invite select customers to try out a new feature before it’s available to the wider customer base. The goal is to give that feature a real-world trial and to get customer feedback while it’s still in development. 

Features in Early Access are expected to be functional, but details in implementation and behavior may change before they reach future stages of release. For that reason, features in EA should not be deployed to production devices; rather, they should be restricted to testing devices only.

Support for EA features is available to participants via a unique ticket portal created to report issues and submit feedback. Documentation will consist of privately shared documents separate from the main Kandji support knowledgebase.


Features in Preview are available to all Kandji customers and should be ready for production environments, with the caveat that some specifics of their implementation may still change. The goal of the Preview phase is to give new features a wider audience for feedback and real-world trial. Such features are specifically flagged in the Kandji user interface to indicate that minor changes may still occur (see image below).

Preview features are supported through standard support channels and documented in the Kandji support knowledge base.

Generally Available (GA)

Generally available (GA) features are open to all customers, appropriate for production environments without qualification, and supported by Kandji's Customer Support Engineering teams. Some generally available features may be sold separately. 

Reference Table

Early Access (EA)PreviewGenerally Available (GA)
Available for all customers

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