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Screen Recording, Camera, Input Monitoring, & Microphone

Learn about Transparency, Consent, and Control in macOS

What is PPPC, TCC?

The Transparency, Consent, and Control framework (TCC) (first introduced in macOS Mojave) improves the security of macOS by requiring end-users or administrators to approve (Or pre-approve) an applications access to certain protected resources.

This includes items such as Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Desktop, and Documents folder. The Privacy Preferences Policy Control (PPPC) profile payload allows IT admins, to pre-approve applications for certain TCC controls. 

Which PPPC options are "Deny" only?

The following TCC Controls can be denied by IT admins, but must be approved by the end-user in macOS Catalina and later.

  • Screen Recording
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Input Monitoring (ListenEvent)

Are there any workarounds?

No, there are no workaround to bypass macOS PPPC protections.

How can I submit feedback?

Apple tracks feedback on these items from enterprise customers, and we encourage you to submit your feedback to Apple via the Feedback Assistant tool.

Ensure you Login with a Managed Apple ID from Apple Business Manager so that your feedback gets recorded properly as an enterprise customer.

You can access Feedback Assistant here https://feedbackassistant.apple.com/

We recommend you categorize any request for this Feedback under Enterprise & Education > MDM.