Login Window Profile

By Vicky Munsell

Learn about and create a Login Window Profile

The Login Window profile allows you to customize options for the login window and lock screen, including Login Window & Lock Screen messages, available buttons, and user account visibility.

Creating a Login Window Profile 

  1. Navigate to Library using the left-hand navigation menu. 
  2. Click Add New from the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Find and select the Login Window Profile and click Add & Configure.
  4. Give your profile a name such as Login Window.
  5. Select a Blueprint from the Assignment Dropdown.
  6. Select applicable options and Save your profile.

Option Details

Lock Message

The lock message option allows you to set a custom message at the bottom of the login window. Global Profile Variables such as $ASSET_TAG can be used here.

Disable automatic login after FileVault disk unlock

This option disables the FileVault Auto Login feature; enabling this option will require the endbuser to authenticate a second time at the Login Window after authenticating at the FileVault pre-boot authentication window. 

This option can be incredibly useful for environments that leverage smart cards or Yubico PAM authentication and want to ensure the user additionally authenticates with a smart card.

Logged In Users - Hide "Lock Screen" option in the Apple menu

Enabling this option will prevent users from locking the Mac screen. This option can be critical in multi-user macOS environments as once a screen is locked by a user, it can only be unlocked by that user unless a restart is forced.