Self Service: Bookmarks

By Declan Alleyne

For iOS and iPadOS, Self Service versions 1.4.0 and earlier do not support Bookmarks. If an iOS or iPadOS device is in a Blueprint that has one or more Bookmarks library items, Self Service version 1.4.0 or earlier will display a message about invalid data and display a Try Again button. The resolution is to update Self Service to version 1.4.4 or later.

Create a Bookmarks Library Item

Create a Bookmarks Library Item to hold bookmarks (links) for resources.

  1. In the Kandji web app sidebar, select Library.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Add new.
  3. Select Bookmarks.
  4. Click Add & Configure.
  5. At the top of the Library Item, in the Add a title field, add a title.
  6. Optionally: click Select Blueprint and select one or more Blueprints.

Add bookmarks to the Bookmarks Library Item

Add one or multiple bookmarks to the Bookmarks Library Item.

  1. Click Add Bookmark.
  2. In the URL field, enter the appropriate URL. Bookmarks supports http://, https://, mailto:// and file://URLs.
    • For a mailto:// URL, you can specify multiple email addresses, separated by a comma.
    • For a file:// URL, use three consecutive slashes like file:///path/to/file; although you can technically use the following format, file://localhost/path/to/file, macOS will ask the user to grant permission every time the user uses the bookmark to access URLs that point to a file on the local device.
    • A bookmark that uses the file:// URL is not displayed on iOS or iPadOS, because of their platform design.
    • When a user uses an http:// or https:// URL, it opens in their default browser, which is Safari by default.
    • When a user uses a mailto:// URL, it opens in their default mail app, which is Mail by default in macOS. For iOS and iPadOS, if you haven't yet configured a mail account, tapping a mailto:// bookmark results in a "Cannot Send Email: Your Mail app isn't setup with an account" message.
    • When a user uses a file:// URL, macOS asks the user to grant Self Service the ability to read the folder that contains the file. After a user grants read access to the folder once, macOS will not ask again.
    • The file:// URL only opens an existing file that already exists on a Mac; it does not distribute a file to a Mac.
  3. Optionally, in the Icon field, drag a custom icon or click upload.
  4. In the Title field, enter a title.
  5. Optionally, select a Category of Self Service for this bookmark to be displayed in (see Self Service settings to edit your more categories).
  6. Optionally, select the checkbox for Recommended.
    • When you open Self Service on macOS, Self Service displays Recommended apps, items, and bookmarks by default.
    • When you open Self Service on iOS and iPadOS, Self Service displays Recommended apps and bookmarks at the top of Self Service by default.
    • In Self Service for macOS, recommended bookmarks are displayed with a star icon.
  7. Click Done to save your work and return to the list of bookmarks.
  8. Repeat to add more bookmarks.


Within a category, bookmarks are displayed in alphanumerical order. You can edit Self Service settings to change the order in which categories are displayed.

Edit or delete a bookmark

  1. For a bookmark, at the right side of the bookmark entry, click the three dots.
  2. Click Delete or Edit.
  3. Click Close to return to the list of bookmarks without saving your changes, or click Done to save your changes and return to the list of bookmarks.
  4. Click Save to save the changes to the Bookmarks Library Item.

Considerations for multiple Bookmarks Library Items

You can create as many Bookmarks Library Items as you wish. Self Service displays the aggregate of all applicable bookmarks for each section.

If you create a bookmark in your Bookmarks Library Item, but it already exists in another Bookmarks Library Item that's assigned to one more assigned Blueprints, Kandji displays an dialog to ask if you want to "Save Duplicate Bookmarks?"
Depending on your needs, you may want to display a bookmark for the same URL in multiple categories. Using a separate Bookmarks Library Item for each category is one way to achieve that goal.