Adding Devices to Apple Business Manager

By Emalee Firestein

Learn how to add devices to Apple Business Manager using Apple Configurator


  • Mac computers on Big Sur or earlier operating systems cannot be added to Apple Business Manager using Apple Configurator. Some resellers may allow past purchases to be added to Apple Business Manager. Contact your reseller or Apple Store Business Representative for more information. 
  • If you're adding Mac computers to Apple Business Manager without the assistance of a reseller, you will need to use Apple Configurator for iOS. Follow this Apple Support Guide for instructions.

iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS

Any Apple devices that are physically connected to your Mac will be erased by proceeding with the following steps. This is required and can not be skipped. Please disconnect any devices you aren't planning to add to Apple Business Manager. If needed, backup your device before proceeding.
  • After the devices are placed into Apple Business Manager, the user has a 30-day provisional period to remove the device from Apple Business Manager and MDM. The provisional period begins after the device is activated. After 30 days, the device can only be released through Apple Business Manager.
  • iOS and iPadOS devices can also be added to Apple Business Manager using Apple Configurator for iOS. For further instructions on adding them using that method, follow this Apple Support Guide.
  • Enrolling iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices in Kandji via Apple Configurator is not supported. The method outlined in this document will add these devices to Apple Business Manager, but will not enroll them within Kandji. To enroll devices in Kandji after they've been added to Apple Business Manager, please review our enrollment guides:

Download Apple Configurator

You can download Apple Configurator 2 by visiting this link. To complete the download, you will need an Apple ID.

Create a Wi-Fi Profile

Unless using a wired internet connection local to the device, a Wi-Fi profile is required for the device to reach Apple's activation servers. Ensure you create a profile that will allow the device to connect to the internet. 

  1. Inside Apple Configurator, click File, then New Profile from the menu bar. 
  2. Inside the General section, fill in the following profile details
  • Name: For example: "Wi-Fi Profile"
  • Identifier: Leave as is. This code is unique to the profile making future updates identifiable.
  • Organization: Your company name.
  • Description: Provide a brief description. For instance: "WiFi Provisioning Profile"
  • Automatically Remove Profile: Set this option to After Interval and set 0 days, 1 hour.

3. Click the Wi-Fi payload option on the left-hand side, and select Configure.

4. Input your organization's valid Wi-Fi network details.

5. Select File, then Save from the Menu bar and save the file. Note the location where you save this file - you'll need it later.

Adding devices to Apple Business Manager

Connect your device directly to your Mac and open Apple Configurator.

If you are trying to connect an Apple TV 4K (which does not have a physical port to connect to) follow this Apple Support article on how to connect wirelessly.
  1. Click on the device inside of Apple Configurator, and click Prepare.
  2. Select Manual Configuration.
  3. Select Add to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager.
  4. Deselect Activate and Complete Enrollment and click Next.
  5. Select New Server... and click Next
  6. Enter a name of your choosing in the Name field.
  7. Enter the following URL in the Host name or URL field. Please note that this URL will not verify.
  8. Click Next, don’t add a certificate, then click Next again.
  9. Assign to the Organization you have set up in Apple Business Manager and click Next.
  10. Optionally, select which setup screens you prefer to skip during setup, then click Next.
  11. Choose the Network Profile you created in the first part of this guide.
  12. Sign in to your Apple Business Manager account using your Managed Apple ID and password, and click Next.
  13. Leave the device plugged in and allow the process to complete. If prompted that the device is already set up and must be erased, click Erase to continue.
Do not proceed with the initial device Setup Assistant without following the next steps first. The device may need to be erased again if the next steps are not performed prior to device setup.

Assign your devices in Apple Business Manager

  1. Log in to Apple Business Manager and go to the Devices section. 
  2. Click the Search Devices option in the upper left-hand corner, and paste in the serial number of the device we just added to Apple Business Manager. 
  3. Click the Edit MDM Server button and assign it to your Kandji server. Click Continue
  4. You will receive a confirmation screen that the device assignment has been updated. 
  5. Login to the Kandji Web App, and go to Devices > Automated Device Enrollment Devices. Confirm that you see the desired device listed. If you don't see the device listed, click Fetch Now in the top right-hand corner to force Kandji to check for newly added devices.

Once confirmed, proceed with the device setup. Properly configured devices will present a Remote Management prompt during Setup Assistant.