Enrollment Portal

By Katelyn Husvar

Learn how to easily deploy Kandji to your team using the Enrollment Portal


The Kandji Enrollment Portal allows your users to enroll their own devices. Kandji will provide you a unique URL for your users to navigate to. Once on the enrollment portal, users will be asked to enter an enrollment code. The unique code ensures users are assigned to the correct Blueprint, and only authorized users can enroll their devices.

APNs is required to be set up prior to using the enrollment portal or you will get a {"detail":"Not found."} error.

Supported Device Types:

  • Mac computers
  • iPad devices
  • iPhone devices

Enrollment Portal Setup

  1. Login to Kandji and click Add Devices in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the toggle in the Status Row to enable the Enrollment Portal.
  3. Click the toggle next to any Blueprint you wish to allow users to enroll their devices into.

Once enabled, you can direct users to the URL specified and provide them with the code they should use to enroll their devices. If you have multiple Blueprints, ensure that specific users are provided only their specific Blueprint code.

User Enrollment Process

Users will follow these steps to enroll their devices.

  • Users will navigate to the custom enrollment portal URL.
  • Users will enter the code they were provided to download a MobileConfig Profile for their specific Blueprint.
  • Users will be instructed to open and install the enrollment profile.



  • Once complete, users will see the Kandji menu bar icon appear (macOS only), and all relevant Library items and parameters will be enforced. The device will then appear in the Kandji Web App.
During the download process in step 2, due to the file type, users may see an alert from their browser indicating the MobileConfig Profile has the potential to harm their computer. This is a feature of safe browsing that may be enabled by default, and the alert may safely be disregarded by users in this case.

Generating a new Blueprint Code

Kandji allows you to generate a new random code for each Blueprint. Generating a new code is helpful should the code be distributed to unauthorized users. A new code prevents unwanted devices from being enrolled into that Blueprint.

  1. Login to Kandji and click Add Devices in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on Change Code next to the Blueprint you wish to generate a new enrollment code. 
  3. Distribute the new code to your desired users.
Once changed, the previous code will no longer be valid for new device enrollments.