Enrolling a Device via manual profile installation

By Shannon Poole

Learn how to enroll a device into Kandji


To start managing your team's devices, you must enroll them in Kandji. This guide reviews this process and how to confirm enrollment is complete when performing a manual profile installation.


  1. Login to Kandji and click Add Devices at the bottom left of the navigation menu.
  2. Select the Blueprint you wish to enroll your device.
    Note: If you haven't created a Blueprint yet, you must do so before enrolling a device. 
  3. On the device, you wish to enroll, open the Kandji Enrollment "MobileConfig" file and select Install to complete the MDM profile installation.


After installing the MobileConfig File, your device will begin the enrollment process in the background. Once complete, Kandji will apply the configurations as its specific Blueprint specifies. The Kandji Menu Bar icon will appear on enrolled Mac devices, and all devices will appear in your Kandji account under Devices.

Clicking on the device will bring up that device record. From here you can view details about the device, move it to another Blueprint, or remove the device from Kandji.

Devices can be moved to a different Blueprint without re-enrolling.

Each mobileconfig file can be used on a single device. Download multiple mobileconfig files and distribute one per each device you wish to enroll.

For more detailed information about taking action on devices, see the Devices section of our Knowledge Base.