Configure an AirPrint profile

By Vicky Munsell

How to add an AirPrint profile to your Library.

It is easy to add an AirPrint profile to your Library so that you can activate the profile to any Blueprint for deployment to your fleet.

AirPrint profiles allow you to display AirPrint printers that will be available in a user’s Add Printer list when connected to the same local network. 

AirPrint printers are not automatically added to a device. If you would prefer a printer be added directly to the Mac, use the "Custom Printer" library item.
  1. Navigate to Library in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Select Add New on the top-right, and select AirPrint Profile. This will open a new window.

  3. In the new window give your AirPrint Profile a Name.
  4. Fill out the AirPrint Configuration fields with the relevant printer information.
  5. Once completed select Save in the bottom-right corner.

Once successfully added, open your desired Blueprint and toggle the new AirPrint Profile Library item to deploy to your devices.