Add Apps from Apps and Books to Kandji

How to add MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS apps from Apple to your Kandji Library

To add apps to Kandji take the following steps:

  1. In Apple Business Manager Click on Apps and Books.
  2. After searching and locating the app you would like to deploy, select it from the list.
  3. On the right side of the window assign the app to the Location Token you chose to integrate with Kandji. 
  4. Choose the quantity you would like to make available for deployment through Kandji.
  5. Select Buy or Get.

You will now see all available App Store Apps assigned to the location token that you integrated with Kandji in your Kandji Library and you will be able to include them in any of your Blueprints. For more information, see our guide to configuring Apps and Books.


Any app deployed to an iOS 14 device in Kandji is marked as non-removable. For any iOS 13 and below devices in Kandji, we automatically remediate any removed apps by reinstalling it after a daily check-in.


Don't see an app you would like to push to your devices? View all the apps that are available through Kandji Auto Apps by clicking here.