Getting Started - Configuring Classic Blueprints

By Corey Willis

Use this guide to begin defining Classic Blueprints, Library Items, and Parameters in Kandji

Blueprints allow you to define a set of behaviors, Parameters, and Library Items to be deployed to a group of devices. You can have multiple Blueprints for different locations, job roles, or testing. Blueprints support all device types, allowing flexibility in grouping and managing your fleet. 

You can start with a Kandji template or configure a Blueprint from scratch. We've created several templates that allow you to easily enforce standards like CIS. 

Creating a Blueprint

  1. In your Kandji Web App, click on Blueprints.

  2. In the top-right, click New Blueprint.

  3. Choose from one of the Blueprint templates on the left-hand side or create a New Blueprint.

  4. If you click New Blueprint:

    1. Give the Blueprint a name.

    2. Optionally enter a description.

    3. Click Create Blueprint.

    4. After creating the initial Blueprint, you can add Library Items to it and turn on Parameters to match your business needs.

  5. If you create a Blueprint from one of the provided templates, you can rename it, add additional Library Items, and turn Parameters on or off to align with your business needs.

Blueprints can be modified at any time. After a change is made, any devices assigned to that Blueprint will receive the new update during their next check-in.

For more detailed information on Blueprints, see the Blueprints section of our Knowledge Base.

Adding Library Items to a Blueprint

  1. In the left-hand navigation bar, click on Blueprints.

  2. Click the Blueprint you wish to modify.

  3. Click Edit Library Items.

  4. Use the toggle next to the library item you wish to turn on to activate it. If you don't see a particular Library Item, you may need to go to your Library to add it.

  5. Click Save Library Items.

For additional information on Library Items, see the Library section of our Knowledge Base.

Configuring Parameters

Parameters are settings not contained in the MDM specifications that Kandji can manage. Some Parameters are as simple as "Don't allow the Guest user to log in." More complex Parameters may require specific variables to be defined, such as applications that need to be blocked.

To turn on or turn off a Parameter, follow these steps:

  1. In the left-hand navigation bar, click on Blueprints.

  2. Click the Blueprint you wish to modify.

  3. Click Parameters in the Blueprint navigation.
  4. Click Edit Parameters.

  5. Use the search option or scroll to locate the Parameter you would like to turn on or off.

  6. Use the toggle next to the Parameter you wish to turn on to activate it.

  7. Click Save parameters.

If you'd like more information on Parameters, you can see the Parameters section of our Knowledge Base.


Now that you are experienced in adding library items and defining Parameters for your Blueprint, the last step is enrolling devices.