Assigning Library Items

By Emalee Firestein

Learn about options available in Library Item Assignment settings

At the top of each Library Item, there is a settings box for Assignment. This box allows configuring:

  1. To which Blueprint(s) should the Library Item should be applied
  2. To which device families does the Library Item apply
  3. Specific rules that determine more granularly to which device(s) the Library Item should apply within the chosen Blueprint(s)

Blueprint Assignment

Core to Kandji are Blueprints. You can edit which Library Items are assigned to a specific Blueprint from the Blueprint's settings page. From a Library Item, you can assign or unassign a Library Item to one or more Blueprints at the same time. To do this, click in the Blueprint box and select the Blueprint(s) to assign or unassign.

The "Select all" option allows for a point-in-time selection of all Blueprints.

There may be cases where you want a Library Item to apply to all Blueprints, both that exist now, and ones created in the future automatically. Use the All Blueprints option at the top of the Blueprint selection box to turn on this feature for a specific Library Item. (Note: All Blueprints is supported for the majority of, but not all, Library Items.)

When using All Blueprints, a new option for Excluding becomes visible. This allows for assigning a Library Item to All Blueprints both that exist now, and ones created in the future, except for those listed in the Excluding box.

Some Library Items only allow one of the same type to be applied to a Blueprint. These are called "self-conflicting library items", and Kandji will display a conflict modal when appropriate, including when using All Blueprints, for you to select the Library Item you actually want to apply to a specific Blueprint.

Device Families and Assignment Rules

The device family selector, Install on, lets you target a subset of devices within a Blueprint based on device family. For example, if a custom profile is only applicable to iPadOS devices, you can specify that in the Install on box. 

Assignment Rules are configurable rules that determine more granularly to which device(s) in a Blueprint the Library Item should apply. Selected device families influence which Assignment Rules are available for use.

For more information on selecting device families and using Assignment Rules, please see the dedicated support article.