Using the Blank Push command

By Rick Metzner

A Blank Push is an empty payload sent via APNs (Apple Push Notification service)

A Blank Push utilizes the same service that sends MDM profiles and commands. It's meant for verifying a connection to APNs, but it sometimes helps to get pending commands that are stuck in the queue to complete. 

Each MDM command that is sent to a device consists of the command itself as well as a separate APNs notification that, once received, lets the device know it needs to connect with Kandji to retrieve that pending command. The Blank Push sends just this APNs notification without adding a new action for the device to complete.

Send a Blank Push

  1. On the Device page, click the Device Action Menu in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Within the Device Action Menu, click Send blank push.
  3. In the Activity tab of the device, you will see a pending BlankPush command.
  4. Once the command has been sent, it will show MDM Command Completed: BlankPush in the device's Activity Stream.