Move a Device to a Different Blueprint

By Michael Mutch

Move a Device to a Different Blueprint

Learn how to move a device from one Blueprint to another.

You can easily move devices between Blueprints. Once moved, the device will receive all of the items and parameters specified in the destination Blueprint. Moving a device ensures all of the device's history is retained across multiple Blueprints. 


Below are a few examples of why you may wish to move devices to a new Blueprint.

  • A user has moved from one department to another, and their device needs a new set of applications and parameters enforced. 
  • You've finished testing an updated Blueprint for your team, and you're ready to deploy it to your team.
  • A Blueprint is no longer needed; however, a few devices are still assigned that you wish to keep enrolled in Kandji.


  1. Login to Kandji and open the device record you wish to move.
  2. Click on the More (...) button and select Edit Blueprint Assignment.
  3. Select the Blueprint to which you wish to move this device, then click Change.


The device will enforce the new Library items and parameters during its next check-in. Auto Apps and Custom Apps that were enforced on the previous Blueprint will not be removed, but Profiles and Apps and Books Apps will be. Parameters that were enforced on the previous Blueprint will not change from their current state unless a new parameter enforces a different behavior. 

For more detailed information about taking action on devices, see the Devices section of our Knowledge Base.