Duplicating Classic Blueprints

By Nick Bickhart

Learn how to copy an existing Classic Blueprint


Kandji makes it easy to create, modify, delete, and duplicate Classic Blueprints. Duplicating a Blueprint creates a copy of an existing Classic Blueprint's library items and parameters. Devices will remain assigned to the original Blueprint. 

Duplication Considerations

Once a Classic Blueprint is duplicated, the original and the duplicate operate independently. Any modifications made to one will not impact the other. If you need to alter both Classic Blueprints, you’ll have to manually apply the changes to each one separately.

Library Items assigned to the original Classic Blueprint are not replicated. Any changes made to a Library Item will be reflected in all Blueprints to which it is assigned.

How to Duplicate a Classic Blueprint 

  1. Login to Kandji and click on Blueprints in the navigation menu.
  2. Click on the ellipses over the existing Classic Blueprint.
  3. Choose Duplicate Blueprint.

  4. Enter a new Name and Description for the new Blueprint.
  5. Click Duplicate.