Duplicating Blueprints

By Nick Bickhart

Learn how to copy an existing Blueprint


Kandji makes it easy to create, modify, delete, and duplicate Blueprints. Duplicating a Blueprint creates a copy of an existing Blueprint's library items and parameters. Devices will remain assigned to the original Blueprint. 


  • A department at your company has requested a slight modification of its current Blueprint that should only affect its own department's devices. 
  • You would like to test a modified version of an existing Blueprint without changing the behavior of currently enrolled devices.

Duplicating a Blueprint

  1. Login to Kandji and click on Blueprints in the navigation menu.
  2. Click on the More (...) button over the existing Blueprint and choose Duplicate Blueprint.
  3. Enter a new Name and Description for the new Blueprint and click Duplicate.

After duplication, Blueprints remain independent. Changes made on either Blueprint will not take effect on the other. Changes needed on both Blueprints must be done manually on the original and duplicate. However, the Library Items that are assigned to the original Blueprint are not duplicated. A change made to a Library item will affect all Blueprints that they are assigned to.