Modifying a Blueprint

By Katelyn Husvar

Learn how to change details or parameters on a Blueprint 


Kandji makes it easy to create, modify, delete, and duplicate Blueprints. Modifying a Blueprint lets you change details (such as its image, name, and description) and parameters.

Edit the Image, Name, or Description of a Blueprint

  1. Click on Blueprints in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to the Blueprint you'd like to edit.

  3. Click on the Actions button at the top right of the screen then click Edit Blueprint.

  4. Edit the Image, Name, or Description boxes as you see fit.

    Name: Your Blueprint should be named with a simple short description that defines which devices will be enrolled. For instance: "All Staff" or "CIS Compliant".
    Description: Provide more detail that will further clarify what defines this Blueprint.

Edit the Parameters inside a Blueprint

Changing the Parameters inside Blueprints is easy. However, it is essential to understand how changes to a Blueprint will affect Mac devices enrolled before doing so.

Changes on enrolled Mac devices

Any computer enrolled in a specific Blueprint will check-in with Kandji's servers every 15 minutes to get the most recent parameters to enforce. After saving changes to a Blueprint, all Mac devices enrolled will automatically implement the changes during their next check-in.

Changes that require a restart

If a parameter results in the Mac needing to be restarted, a 5-minute timer will start on the user's Mac. If the user does nothing, the Mac will reboot itself after 5 minutes has passed. 

To Edit Parameters

  1. Navigate to Blueprints in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Select the Blueprint you wish to edit Parameters for.

  3. Click the Edit Parameters button.

  4. Find and enable/disable any parameters you wish by toggling them on or off.
  5. Click Save Parameters.