Custom Profile Overview

By Emalee Firestein

Kandji allows you to upload and deploy custom configuration profiles to your enrolled Apple devices

What are configuration profiles?

Custom profiles, ending in a .mobileconfig extension are listed settings in an XML format and based on Apple's MDM framework. When installed on a device, these profiles change and manage the settings outlined. These changes are preserved until the profiles are removed.

Kandji supports Custom Profiles deployed to the System Channel. You do not need to sign custom profiles before uploading them to Kandji.

Creating a Custom Profile built with iMazing Profile Editor

  1. Download iMazing Profile Editor from the Mac App Store or their website.
  2. Follow iMazing's Getting Started Guide to add your desired configuration payloads, and compose them as desired, ensuring that your profile contains a name and identifier configured in the General payload, as well as at least one other system domain configured.
  3. Save your configuration profile as a .mobileconfig file, and upload it to Kandji in a Custom Profile Library Item.

Creating a Custom Profile from a GitHub Repository

  1. Navigate to the file you wish to use in your desired GitHub repository. 
  2. Click on the download link in the upper-right corner.
  3. Right-click on your newly downloaded .mobileconfig file, and select Open with...
  4. Select to open with a text editor of your choice, such as BBEdit or Visual Studio Code.
  5. Make any required changes to the XML and save your changes.
  6. Upload the .mobileconfig file into your Custom Profile Library Item.