iOS Check-In

By Corey Willis

Learn how and when iOS devices check in with Kandji

How is MDM communication instant?

MDM servers send a particular type of notification to APNs to request managed devices to "Check in" with their MDM server. As part of Apple Push Notification service (APNs), Apple devices constantly poll APNs for Notifications. This results in near-instant management of online devices; as such, there is no defined "Check-in" time for MDM commands.

Check-in Types and Frequencies for iOS Devices

MDM Daily Check-in

FrequencyEvery 24 hours
MechanismAPNs/MDM framework
DescriptionA combination of the following MDM commands automatically initiated by Kandji:
  • ProfileList
  • InstalledApplicationsList
  • CertificateList
  • AvailableOSUpdates
  • DeviceInformation
Able to be Forced?Yes. To force the MDM Daily Check-In:
  1. Navigate to the device Record in your Kandi tenant.
  2. Select the Details tab.
  3. Click Update Now under Device Information.

MDM Commands & Profiles

MechanismAPNs/MDM framework
DescriptionAny MDM command, including:
  • EraseDevice
  • BlankPush
  • DeleteUser
  • SetDeviceName
  • UnlockUserAccount
  • InstallApplication
  • InstallProfile
Able to be Forced?No