iOS Check-In

By Corey Willis

Learn how and when iOS devices Check-in with Kandji

Helpful Definitions

  • MDM: Mobile Device Management
  • APNs: Apple Push Notification service

How is MDM communication instant?

MDM servers send a particular type of notification to APNs to request managed devices to "Check-in" with their MDM server. As part of APNs, Apple devices are constantly polling APNs for Notifications. This results in near-instant management of online devices; as such, there is no defined "Check-in" time for MDM commands.

Check-in Type and frequency for iOS devices

MDM Daily Check-in

  • Frequency: This Check-in event happens automatically once every 24 hours
  • Mechanism: APNs / MDM Framework
  • Description: This check-in is a combination of the following MDM Commands automatically initiated by Kandji to update device information.
    • ProfileList
    • InstalledApplicationsList
    • SecurityInfo
    • CertificateList
    • AvaliableOSUpdates
    • DeviceInformation

  • How can I force MDM Daily Check-in?
    • To force MDM Daily Check-in:
      1. Navigate to the device record in your Kandji instance.
      2. Select the Details tab.
      3. Click Update Now under device information.

MDM Commands & Profiles

  • Frequency: Instant
  • Mechanism: APNs / MDM Framework
  • Description:
    • Any MDM command such as:
      • Wipe Device
      • Blank Push
      • Delete User 
      • Set Device Name 
      • Unlock User Account
      • InstallApplication (VPP/Apps and Books)

    • Any MDM delivered profile such as:
      • Any Profile deployed via a Library Item

  • How can I force MDM Commands & Profiles Check-in
    • Not applicable for this type of Check-in.