AppleCare Enterprise Support

By Shannon Poole

Learn when and how to contact AppleCare Enterprise Support

AppleCare Enterprise Support

In certain circumstances, Kandji support may refer you to the AppleCare Enterprise Support team. In situations such as issues with Apple Business Manager, Apple Push Notification Services, Apple Hardware, macOS, or iOS; AppleCare may be better suited to troubleshoot certain issues.

If a Kandji Support representative has asked you to reach out to AppleCare Enterprise Support directly, please provide as much context to AppleCare from the Kandji support case as possible, if requested. Kandji is a cooperative support partner with AppleCare, and as such, the Kandji Support and AppleCare Enterprise Support teams can work together as needed on cases, be sure to provide AppleCare Enterprise Support your Kandji ticket number if it's expected that the two teams will need to interact to resolve an issue. 

Contacting AppleCare Enterprise Support

You can reach AppleCare using your AppleCare Professional Support Agreement or by contacting them using the global phone numbers. Please use the Enterprise number.

United States - Enterprise Support: 1-866-752-7753

AppleCare Enterprise Support Hours

For customers with an AppleCare Professional Support Agreement, the AppleCare Enterprise Portal (AEP) is available 7 Days/Week, 24 Hours/Day. Please refer to your Support Agreement Proof-of-Coverage documentation for more details.

Contact Apple for Deployment Programs Support  

If you need assistance enrolling in Apple Business Manager, please refer to the Apple Business Support website. You can reach AppleCare Deployment Programs Support by phone at 1-866-902-7144

Contact Apple for Apple Push Notification Services Certificates

For help with Apple Push Notification Services, please refer to the Contact Apple for help with Push Notification Service Certificates web page. You can reach AppleCare Deployment Programs Support by phone at 1-866-902-7144