Understanding Auto App Settings

Auto Apps have advanced enforcement options available to system administrators. 

Version Enforcement provides administrators the ability to enforce Auto App updates.

Version Enforcement options are as follows:

Don't enforce updates

Kandji will install the Auto App once per device and will not prompt or enforce updates to end-users.

Automatically enforce new updates

This option will automatically enforce new updates using your specified enforcement date. End users will begin receiving a prompt via the Kandji Menu bar icon 5 days prior to the enforcement deadline. 

The enforcement date drop-down has the following options:


Manually Enforce new updates

This option allows Kandji admins to manually specify a minimum version and a deadline for that version. The enforcement date dropdown can be set to any date. This option can be useful for immediately enforcing critical security updates. 

Optional: Add to Dock during install

This option will add the app to the right-hand side of every existing user's Dock during installation. 

If the app is already installed during Kandji's first attempt at installing, the icon will not be added to the dock. The app will be added to the Dock upon the next update that installs via Kandji. The icon will also be added if a user removes the app, and Kandji re-installs it.  

For more information on Auto Apps, you can read our Auto Apps Overview.