Licensing the Microsoft Defender Auto App

By David Marks

Learn how to deploy the Microsoft Defender License to your macOS devices


  • Add the Microsoft Defender Auto App to your Library

Download the Defender Onboarding Package from your Defender Portal

  1. In Microsoft 365 Defender, navigate to Settings > Endpoints > Onboarding.
  2. Select macOS as the operating system.
  3. Select Mobile Device Management as the deployment method.
  4. Select Download onboarding package (

Prepare the Onboarding Package

  1. Extract you downloaded.
  2. Locate the WindowsDefenderATPOnboarding.plist that was downloaded as part of your Onboarding Package.
  3. Change file extension from .plist to .mobileconfig.

Add a Custom Profile

  1. In the Kandji web app, click Library in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click Add New in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select Custom Profile from the Add New window.

Configure the Custom Profile

  1. Give the profile a Name.
  2. Assign your custom profile to a test Blueprint.
  3. Set Install on to Mac.
  4. Upload the WindowsDefenderATPOnboarding.mobileconfig you created earlier.
  5. Save the Custom Profile Library Item.