Deferring macOS Ventura

By Corey Willis

Learn how to defer macOS Ventura with Kandji

macOS Ventura can be hidden from Mac computers managed by Kandji for up to 90 days by using the Software Update Library Item. The deferral experience depends on which version of macOS your devices are running.

Setting the Deferral

Select the option to "Defer macOS updates by type", and set "Defer major macOS updates (upgrades)" to your desired deferral window, as shown below.

macOS 11.3+, macOS 12-12.2.1, and 12.6.1 and later

These macOS versions work as expected.

macOS 12.3-12.6

For the first 30 days post-release, Apple has implemented a server-side fix to address a limitation in macOS so that these macOS versions won't see macOS Ventura with the above restriction applied. As that fix is time-limited to 30 days, it's critical to update Mac computers to 12.6.1 as soon as possible in order to be able to leverage the full 90 day deferral. The Managed OS Library Item for macOS Monterey can be used to update Mac computers to 12.6.1.

Note: Even with deferrals in place, Kandji can still manage and enforce updates and upgrades on Mac computers using Managed OS Library Items.