Integrations Overview

By Salur Onural

Learn more about supported Kandji integrations and where to configure them.

Apple Integrations

Integrations with Apple Push Notification service (APNs), Automated Device Enrollment, and Apps and Books provide core functionality when managing Apple devices. You configure all Apple integrations on the Apple Integrations page.

Apple Push Notification service (APNs)

APNs is required to enroll your Apple devices into Kandji. Configure it to get started with Kandji.

If you need to disconnect APNs, click the Disconnect APNs button on the Apple Integrations page. Disconnect your APNs certificate only if you need to replace it with a new one. Replacing your APNs certificate with a new one will break MDM communication with your enrolled Apple devices. You will need to re-enroll all devices under the new APNs certificate.

If you disconnect your APNs certificate, you can reconnect the same certificate (with the same Topic ID) by going through the configuration flow and treating it as a renewal when you enter the portal.

Automated Device Enrollment

Automated Device Enrollment allows users to automatically enroll devices in an organization's Kandji instance when they are first unboxed and connected to the internet. Enabling Automated Device Enrollment puts a device into a supervised state, which means its device management enrollment profile is non-removable. Select a Blueprint that devices will enroll into by default. Before enrolling a device, you can change the Blueprint it will enroll into in the Devices module. 

Apps and Books

Apps and Books allows a company to purchase apps and books in bulk and distribute them to devices without users needing Apple IDs. To keep your users' App Store apps up-to-date, select Automatically Update Apps.

Alerts Integrations

Connect Slack or Microsoft Teams to be instantly alerted on multiple event types. Configure alert integrations on the Integrations page.


You can use Kandji's Slack integration with public and private Slack channels. Learn how to configure Slack integration.

Microsoft Teams

You can use Kandji's Microsoft Teams integration with public and private Teams channels. Learn how to configure Teams integration.

Security Integrations

Active Directory Certificate Services

Connect your on-premise Active Directory Certificate Services infrastructure with Kandji to deploy AD CS certificates to your Apple Devices. To learn more, take a look at this support article.

User Integrations

Connect multiple directories to import your users and assign them to devices within Kandji. Google Workspace, Azure Active Directory, and System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) are supported. User Integration is used for inventory management purposes and is separate from integration used with Passport or Single Sign-on. Configure user integrations on the Integrations page. Learn how to configure user directory integrations.