Migrate a Custom App to an Auto App

By Chad Satterfield

Best practices on migrating from a Custom App to an Auto App

You may already be deploying some Auto Apps as Custom Apps in your Kandj instance. Follow these guidelines to move to an Auto App.

  1. Add the Auto App to the same Blueprint.
  2. Using the steps from the Auto Apps Overview, deploy the Auto App that will replace your Custom App. This will not overwrite the app if it is already installed. However if the installed app is out of date, then your version enforcement options will apply and the end user may be prompted to update the app. 
  3. Remove the existing Custom App.
  4. Remove existing PPPC or KEXT Profiles. If you have a KEXT or PPPC Profile in place for your Custom App, you may now delete it. Auto Apps automatically have their KEXT and PPPC requirements allowed via a Profile installed by Kandji.
Deleting the Custom App will not remove the existing app from your devices.