Getting Started

By Emalee Firestein

We’re excited to be part of your Kandji journey

Kandji makes it easier than ever to deploy hardened devices, update software, resolve vulnerabilities, and prevent problems fleetwide. With a single platform for management and security, companies no longer have to compromise between safety, efficiency, and user experience.

This series of Getting Started guides will walk you through the initial configuration of your Kandji tenant. We will cover everything from setting up your MDM integration to assigning your first Blueprint.

If any step in these guides is confusing or if you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Support for assistance.

Trial tenants are limited to 10 devices in total. Once this limit is reached, a banner will be displayed until the device count becomes less than 10 again.


Follow these guides to get your Kandji tenant configured to work with Apple Push Notification service, Apple Business Manager, and your identity provider.


Build your first Blueprint and set up Library Items to deploy to your devices.


Enroll your devices, manage and secure your fleet, and learn how to contact Support.

Don't have a trial tenant yet? Request a Kandji account here.