Demote User Accounts to Standard

By Jonathan Connor

Learn more about the "Demote user accounts to Standard" Parameter

The "Demote user accounts to Standard" will demote all local accounts to Standard users. This Parameter requires at least one Administrator account to be excluded from the demotion process. This can be helpful when restricting access to Administrator-level controls is desirable (such as with NIST compliance).
This parameter is dependent on the "Create User Account" Parameter being enabled.

Enabling The Parameter

Once you are in the Blueprint you wish to edit and have enabled the "Demote user accounts to Standard" Parameter, follow these steps to complete the configuration:
  1. Input the desired Administrator account name for the account you wish to exclude from demotion and have remain as an Administrator.
  2. Click Add Exclusion for to add additional accounts you would like to remain as Administrators.
  3. Click Save Parameters.

For more detailed information on Parameters, see the Parameters section of our Knowledge Base.