Access to Kandji Support

By Emalee Firestein

Find out who can get support from Kandji Support Engineers and when

Kandji is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool designed for IT administrators of any size organization. Our support team and this Knowledge Base are here to help answer any questions. Below, you'll find details on the level of support users can receive based on access to their company's Kandji Web App. For more information, you can read about the Kandji Agent or an overview of the platform.

Contacting Support

  • Chat: Live chat is available 24/5 via the chat bubble at the bottom right of the Kandji Web App. Support hours begin on Sundays at 22:00 (UTC) and end on Saturdays at 01:00 (UTC) (excluding company holidays shown below).
  • Email: Customers may reach out to us via email at
  • Knowledge Base: Available 24/7 at, you'll find overviews of all areas of Kandji and frequently asked questions. You can also submit a ticket from anywhere in our Knowledge Base at the top or bottom of the page.

Team Members

Support is provided to any individual with access to the Kandji Web App. You can invite other administrators in the Access tab of the Settings section.

End Users

Users of enrolled devices will be directed to contact their IT Admin. For security and privacy reasons, Kandji does not provide support to anyone not found in the Team section of your Kandji account settings.

Code of Conduct

We value our customers and treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy. We expect the same in return. Disrespectful behavior, including but not limited to offensive language, personal insults, harassment, or threats, will not be tolerated.

Kandji Support Holiday Schedule

DateHoliday Support Hours (UTC) 
January 1, 2024Closed
January 15, 202400:00-16:00, 22:00-23:59
January 26, 202400:00-02:00, 07:00-23:59
February 19, 202400:00-16:00, 22:00-23:59
March 29, 202400:00-01:00, 10:00-23:59
April 1, 202410:00-23:59
April 25, 202400:00-01:00, 06:00-23:59
May 6, 202400:00-07:00, 10:00-23:59
May 27, 202400:00-07:00, 22:00-23:59
June 10, 202406:00-23:59
June 19, 202400:00-15:00, 22:00-23:59
July 4, 202400:00-15:00, 22:00-23:59
August 26, 202400:00-07:00, 10:00-23:59
September 2, 202400:00-15:00, 22:00-23:59
October 7, 202406:00-23:59
October 14, 202400:00-15:00, 22:00-23:59
November 11, 202400:00-16:00, 22:00-23:59
November 28, 202400:00-16:00, 22:00-23:59
November 29, 202400:00-16:00
December 24, 202400:00-16:00
December 25, 2024Closed
December 26, 202411:00-23:59
December 31, 202400:00-16:00