Deploy Cloudflare WARP as a Custom App

By Emalee Firestein

Learn how to deploy Cloudflare WARP to your macOS devices as a custom app.

Cloudflare WARP is now in the Kandji Auto Apps catalog and can be deployed as an Auto Apps library item.

Before You Begin

Configure the Custom App

  1. Create a Custom App in Kandji by Selecting Library > Add New > Custom App > Add & Configure.

  2. Give the Custom App a name. Example: Cloudflare WARP

  3. Assign to a test Blueprint.

  4. Change the installation type to Audit and Enforce.

  5. Copy and paste the cloudflare_warp_ae.zsh script from earlier into the Audit & Enforce text box. No modification is needed.

  6. To optionally enforce a minimum app version, update the MINIMUM_ENFORCED_VERSION variable in the audit script to the version number that you would like to enforce. (Example version number:

    1. If MINIMUM_ENFORCED_VERSION is left as an empty string (""), the audit script will only check the installation status of the Cloudflare WARP app on the macOS device. (See script comments for more details.)

  7. Select Installer Package (install .pkg or .mpkg) as the deployment type.

  8. Under Installer Package, upload the Cloudflare Warp installer package.

  9. Click Save.