Team Members

By Katelyn Husvar

Learn about the differences for Kandji Team Members

New Team Members may be invited only via the Company's Kandji Account inside the Settings tab. Account owner - a variation of Admin role that cannot be modified/removed by other Admins, is created upon new instance sign up or may be transferred from another Admin. You can also see our Modify or Remove Team Members page for more information. 

Account Owner

Full access to all functionality. Account is not able to be deleted by other team members.

When creating your Kandji account, the first team member will be given 24 hours to activate their account via email. If 24 hours pass before the account is created, attempting to reset the password will send a new email link.


Full access to all the functionality. Account can be deleted by other administrators.

Additional administrators will have 24 hours to activate their Kandji account via email. If 24 hours pass before the account is created, an existing admin must re-send the invitation.


Same permissions as Administrator accounts, with the following exceptions:

  • No Settings access.


Limited read-only access to the Kandji Web App. Invite an auditor to your Kandji account to review device history and changelogs. Auditors have the following account limitations:

  • No Settings access.
  • No access to device secrets.