What are the different statuses of Library Items?

By Andrew Merrick

An overview of the different statuses of your Library Items

Library items can have multiple statuses to indicate their deployment process to your devices.

Review All Library Items Current Status

  1. Navigate to Library in the left-hand navigation bar. A preview of the statuses of each Library item and the number of devices in each status.

  2. The green circle indicates success.

  3. The orange circle indicates an error.

  4. The grey circle indicates that the status is pending the next check-in.

  5. The blue circle indicates a remediation that occurred. This will turn green upon the next Agent check-in.

Review Details of a Single Library Item

To view more details on each status, click on the desired Library Item. 

  1. Select the Status tab.

  2. The status will be indicated on the right-hand column.

  3. Click the arrow on the left to expand the details view of specific devices history with this Library item.

Click here to learn about how to "flush" errors to force Library items to attempt to reinstall on specific devices.