Understanding When Mac devices Go "Offline"

By Lisa DeGrace

Learn how Kandji identified Mac devices as "offline" and how to find them again.


Each Mac enrolled with Kandji checks in regularly to enforce and report on Blueprint parameters and update application inventory and technical details. After 30 days of inactivity, a Mac will be marked as "Offline." The Mac will remain offline until it can check in or one of the actions below is taken.

Take Action


To bring a Mac out of "Offline" status, it needs to be turned on with an active Internet connection. Once it completes a check-in with Kandji, the Mac will be removed from the "Offline" section.

Kandji can check in from an internet-connected Mac at the standard login or lock screen, but not from the firmware login screen when a Mac reboots.

Remove from Account

If Kandji should no longer look for this Mac, follow these steps to remove it from your account. Carefully review the ramifications of removing a Mac from Kandji before proceeding.


If a Mac was erased, Kandji must be re-installed manually or via MDM to operate properly. Kandji will automatically link the old and new records using the UUID and serial number. 

If a Mac was repaired and received a new logic board, the records may not match up. To ensure past records are logged are kept, it's recommended that you do not remove the old Mac entry from your account.

See the Devices section of our Knowledge Base for more detailed information about taking action on devices.