Device Enrollment Profile Status

By Chad Satterfield

Learn about Automated Device Enrollment Profile statuses

What is a Device Enrollment Profile?

To enable the automated setup process, Kandji links a specific profile to the devices within your Apple Business Manager account. This takes place via Apple's Device Assignment Services API. Once a profile is assigned by Kandji, the device is ready for streamlined, automatic setup. 

What are the possible statuses?

Status Meaning
PendingThe profile will be assigned shortly; please refresh the page in a moment. 
AssignedThe Device Enrollment profile for the current Blueprint has been assigned. 

The Device Enrollment profile has failed to assign, please contact Kandji Support. 

Hovering over a Device Enrollment profile status will reveal a timestamp with the date and time that the status was set.

Check Device ADE Status

Before attempting to enroll a device through ADE, it's important to check the status in the Automated Device Enrollment section in your Kandji Web App.

  1. Click Devices.
  2. Click Automated Device Enrollment.
  3. The Awaiting Enrollment Status means that a device is not currently enrolled, but it is ready to be enrolled through ADE now.
  4. If you hover over the Assigned text in the Profile tab, you can see the Profile Assignment date and time.
  5. The Last fetch date and time is the last time that Kandji received updated ADE device information from Apple Business Manager.

Timing Considerations

When a macOS or iOS device connects to the internet during Setup Assistant, it reaches out to Apple to determine if it has a Device Enrollment profile pending. If the device does not have a profile pending at that time, it is allowed to be set up as if it were a consumer Apple device.

It is important that prior to connecting your devices to the internet during Setup Assistant:

  1. You have assigned your devices to Kandji via Apple Business Manager.
    Learn how to assign devices in Apple Business Manager
  2. You see the "Assigned" status for the applicable devices in Kandji.
If the above conditions aren't met, the device(s) in question will fail to enroll into Kandji via Automated Device Enrollment.