Slack Integration

How to set up and configure the Slack integration.

If you use Slack, you can easily integrate your Slack Workspace with Kandji to receive Kandji Agent notifications and Kandji System notifications. For more information on alerts, see our Alerts Overview.

Integration Setup

  1. Navigate to Settings in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click the Integrations tab. 
  3. Click on Add Slack Alert.

    You will then be prompted to grant Kandji permission to perform actions in the channel selected. This is necessary for Kandji to share your requested information.
  4. Click Allow to then configure your Slack alert within Kandji.

    Configure Integration

    Once access is granted, a new window will open allowing you to configure how you would like Kandji to integrate with Slack.

    1. Click the Slack Channel you would like the alert to go to.
    2. Select the desired Agent notifications you would like to be included in this alert.
    3. Select the desired System notifications you would like to be included in this alert.
    4. Save your new alert.

    Example Notification

    Below is an example of the Slack notification of when a blacklisted application is blocked from opening.

    For more information on available Kandji integrations, you can read our Integrations Overview.

    Kandji's Slack integration supports both Public and Private channels.