Slack Integration

Learn how to configure a Slack integration.

Integrate your Slack workspace with Kandji to receive Kandji Agent and Kandji System notifications inside public and private Slack channels. For more information on alerts, see Alerts Overview. For more information on available Kandji integrations, see Integrations Overview.

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Create a New Slack Integration

  1. Navigate to Integrations in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click Discover integrations in the upper-right of the Integrations page. 

    0 No Slack@2x numbered
  3. On the Slack tile, click Add and configure.

    0 Add new Integrations@2x numbered
  4. Click Get started.

    0 Slack integration@2x numbered
  5. If not already signed into a Slack workspace, enter your workspace information, and click Continue.

    2 Slack Accuhive workspace@2x sized
  6. If you want to use a different Slack workspace, click the menu in the upper-right and select Add another workspace.
  7. In the permissions dialog, click Allow.
    3 Slack Permissions@2x sized
  8. Click Create event notification or click Close and add event notifications later.

    4 Slack Connected@2x edited
  9. Search for the Slack channel you'd like to use by typing its name or clicking the arrow to display a list of all channels.
  10. Select the checkbox next to each channel to which you want to send notifications.
  11. Click Next.

    6 Slack Notification channels added@2x edited numbered
  12. Enable the events that will trigger Slack notifications.
  13. Click Next.

    7 Slack Event notifications@2x numbered
  14. Enter a name for this event notification.
  15. Click Next.

    8 Slack Event notifications name@2x
  16. Click Send test notification, and confirm that the message appears correctly in Slack.
  17. Click Done.

    9 Slack Test@2x numbered
  18. You will see the Slack integration and event notification you just created.

    10 Slack added@2x

Send notifications to private Slack channels

To send notifications to a private Slack channel, add the Kandji Slackbot to the channel before searching for it in Kandji. After adding the Kandji app to your workspace, @mention Kandji in the private Slack channel and add the app when prompted.

After you add the bot to your private Slack channel, you will be able to select the channel in the list of available channels you can send notifications to in Kandji.

Add an Event Notification

  1. Near the bottom of the Event Notifications section, click Add event notification.
  2. Select the Slack channel(s) where you'd like to see notifications.
  3. Provide an Event notification name describing the type of notification you are creating.
  4. Enable the Event triggers for which you would like to enable notifications.
  5. Click Send test notification and confirm the message appears in Slack.
  6. Save your event notification.

    11 Slack Add event steps@2x numbered

Change an Existing Event Notification

  1. Click the ellipses next to the notification you would like to modify.
  2. Select Edit event notification.

    12 Slack Edit Event Notifications@2x
  3. Modify the configuration, then click Save or Cancel.

    13 Slack Edit Event Notifications Save@2x numbered

Delete an Event Notification

  1. Click the ellipses next to the notification you would like to delete.
  2. Select Delete event notification.

    14 Slack Delete Event Notification@2x numbered
  3. Click Delete to confirm you'd like to delete the notification.

Delete a Slack Integration

  1. Click the ellipses next to the Slack workspace you would like to delete.
  2. Select Delete workspace.

    15 Slack Delete workspace@2x
  3. Click Delete to confirm you'd like to delete the workspace.

Example Notification

Below is an example of the Slack notification when a user tries to open a blocked application.