Re-Enrolling Devices

Learn how to re-enroll your Apple devices into Kandji

An important pre-requisite to re-enrolling devices is that the Kandji MDM Profile has been removed. This can be done by using Kandji to delete the device, by the end-user if the device was manually enrolled (not using automated device enrollment), or other scenarios where the MDM profile was removable by an end-user. 

Devices Available in Apple Business Manager 

For Automated Device Enrollment workflows to function properly your Apple devices have to already be assigned to Kandji inside Apple Business Manager. If they are already assigned, then use the following instructions.

macOS Devices

MacOS devices can also be re-enrolled by resetting the device and allowing the device to enroll by proceeding through the macOS Setup Assitant. You will see a screen labeled as "Remote Management" during the setup assistant process, similar to the screen shown below. 

apple MDM remote management mac

For macOS devices that have already been set up, but are available to you in Apple Business Manager, they can be re-enrolled via Automated Device Enrollment through what is commonly known as a "DEP NAG" notification. 

To invoke this notification you simply need to run the following terminal command after the Mac is assigned to Kandji in Apple Business Manager. 

Ensure Do Not Disturb is disabled prior to running this command

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment

After running the command, a banner notification should appear similar to the following. Click details, then click allow, and this wiill enroll the macOS device.

NAG Notifcation

iOS, tvOS, iPadOS Devices

For iOS, tvOS, and iPadOS devices that have already been set up and are available to you in Apple Business Manager, the devices will need to be erased either manually on the device or via Apple Configurator. Once they are erased they will be re-enrolled by proceeding through the setup assistant and allowing Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP) to take over and enroll the device. 


Devices Not Available in Apple Business Manager 

macOS, iOS, tvOS, iPadOS Devices

All Apple devices that are not available to you via Apple Business Manager (for Automated Device Enrollment) can still be re-enrolled via your Kandji enrollment portal. Details on using the enrollment portal can be found here.

iOS, tvOS, and iPadOS devices that were purchased in a way that makes them ineligible to be automatically added to Apple Business Manager, can still be added to ABM by using Apple Configurator 2. More information on adding devices to Apple Business Manager using Apple Configurator 2 can be found here.