Kandji Terminal Commands

Learn how to operate Kandji inside terminal.app.

While Kandji is primarily hands-off after it is installed on a Mac, a few Terminal commands are available.


sudo kandji run

The agent will run and check in immediately. Normally, the agent checks in every 15 minutes. Without an internet connection, the agent will run in offline mode.

sudo kandji run -F

Adding "-F" to the run command will force all parameters to run, including parameters that are not scheduled to run yet. For instance, if a parameter has already run earlier in the day, and only is enforced once a day. Application Inventory will also be updated (requires an internet connection).


sudo kandji update

Checks for a new agent version and installs immediately if found.

Note: The agent checks for updates automatically twice each hour.


sudo kandji help

Displays help text.

Note: help is displayed when no arguments are supplied, or incorrect syntax is used.