Integrations Overview

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Apple Push Notification service (APNs)

APNs is a requirement for enrolling your Apple devices into Kandji and fully managing them.

If you need to disconnect your APNs integration, you can do this via the Disconnect APNs button on the integrations page. 

You should disconnect your APNs certificate only if you need to replace it with a new certificate. Replacing your APNs certificate with a new one will break MDM communication with your enrolled Apple devices. You will need to re-enroll all devices under the new APNs certificate.

If you accidentally disconnect your APNs certificate, you can reconnect the same certificate (with the same Topic ID) by going through the configuration flow and treating it as a renewal when you go into the portal.


Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP)

Automated Device Enrollment allows an organization’s devices to automatically enroll in Kandji when they are first unboxed and connected to the internet. You will select a Blueprint that devices will enroll into by default. This can be changed in the Devices section before a device enrolls. Enabling Automated Device Enrollment provides a supervised state, in which the MDM profile is non-removable, and allows for a true zero-touch experience.

Apps and Books (formerly VPP)

Apps and Books allows a company to distribute App Store apps bought through an organization's Managed AppleID to an organization’s devices.

We highly recommend selecting the option to automatically update apps.

Slack Integration

Connect Kandji with Slack to be alerted instantly on a number of variables. This can be used with both Public and Private channels. See our Slack integration guide here.

User Integration

You can connect multiple user directories in order to import your end users to assign them to devices within Kandji. Currently, Google Workspace, Azure Active Directory, and SCIM are supported. This is strictly for inventory management purposes.

Learn how to configure user directory integrations