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Why isn't a device checking in as expected?

Troubleshooting steps to get a device checking in again.


macOS devices enrolled in Kandji attempt to check in every 15 minutes. If a device isn't checking in, review the following quick fixes to attempt to regain communication between Kandji and the device. 

Quick Fixes

  • Internet: Make sure the device has an active, unblocked internet connection. If possible, try a different connection, like a mobile hot spot to rule out the internet connection as the reason. 
  • Force a Check-in: Force Kandji to run via command line. Enter
    sudo kandji run
    in Terminal.app to force Kandji to check-in. The Terminal output may provide details on the current status of Kandji. 
  • Reboot: If a process has stalled, restarting the device may resolve the issue help the device start checking in normally.
    Note: Kandji waits up to 30 minutes to check in after a reboot to ensure the device is not occupied with updates or other activities.  
  • Re-enroll:  Manually re-enrolling the problem device may resolve any check-in related issues.

Ensure the correct Blueprint is selected when downloading the enrollment file. If a different Blueprint is selected, the device will enforce that Blueprint's assigned Library items and parameters.  The device record will not be duplicated after re-enrolling. Kandji will link the new enrollment with the prior device record.