Assigning Users to Devices

Learn how to assign Users to Devices in Kandji.


Once you setup a G Suite or Office365 integration, users will automatically be imported into Kandji every 4 hours. Once imported, users can be assigned to devices, allowing you to view all devices assigned to a specific user.  You can find more information about syncing users from G Suite or Office 365 here.

Assigning a User to a Device

  1. Login to Kandji and click Devices in the navigation menu. 
  2. Click the device you wish to assign to a user. 
  3. Click on the No User next near the User field.
  4. Click the user you wish to assign to this device and click the Assign button. 
  5. The device will now display the user's name inside the user field. 


  • Currently, connecting G Suite or Office365 is the only way to add users for assignment in Kandji. 
  • Assigning Users to devices will not result in any change on the user's device itself. 

Viewing devices assigned to a user

  1. Login to Kandji and click Users in the navigation menu. 
  2. Click on the User in the list to view devices assigned to them.

Archived users or users without device assignments can be viewed in alternate tabs found at the top of the Users section.

For more detailed information about taking action on devices, see the Devices section of our Knowledge Base.