Adding Custom Apps to Your Library

Learn how to add a custom app to your Kandji Library

Kandji allows you to deploy custom apps to your devices. This guide reviews the steps needed to add a Custom Application to your Library. 

Add an App to your Kandji Library

  1. Click on Library in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on Add New.
  3. Select Custom App and Fill out the following details.
    1. Custom App Name: Display name for App within Kandji Library and Blueprints.
    2. Execution Frequency: Specify if Kandji should attempt to install this package once per device, or have the package enforced. 
    3. Chose Package Type: Chose from Installer Package, Disk image, or ZIP file.
    4. Pre-install Script: Provide a script to be executed before the package is run. 
    5. Upload Package: Attach a .pkg, .app, or .zip file with the desired package to deploy.
    6. Post-Install Script: Provide a script to be executed after the package is run.
    7. Restart after successful install: Specify if Macs should restart after the package (and scripts, if provided) are deployed.
  4. Click Save.

The new Custom App will now appear in your Library, ready to be added to a Blueprints.

Learn how to Deploy a Custom App

If a .zip file package type is chosen, you will have an additional field to define an unzip location.